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R & D – Statement

The Varol Technology Team combines a strong organisational culture with a desire to achieve and is building a strong reputation with its customers for innovative product solutions, analytical capability and reliable service.

Our extensive experience allows us to supply solutions for the field and implement efficiency improvements within our own manufacturing facilities and processes.  The key aims of the Varol Technology Team is to continually develop products that offer both technical and commercial advantage to our existing and potential customers.  Our principle goals of using raw materials from renewable resources to formulate Water-Mix Cutting Fluids has been successfully established for a number of years and we continue to formulate products that deliver high technology solutions to the industrial marketplace supported by advanced environmental process techniques.

Our staff will work with you in the areas of system design, process optimisation, troubleshooting, cost reduction and quality improvements to achieve and maintain peak productivity.  Varol provides one of the most comprehensive range of metalworking products, industrial lubricants and associated services in the industry.  From metalforming lubricants to coolants to specialised services, we cover all stages of the manufacturing process.

Through innovative products and services, we can help you meet your goals.

For more information on how we can assist you eliminate or reduce cost and technically improve productivity by utilising our unique research and development capability, please contact our Technology Team by sending them either a related question or your contact details so we can get in contact with your business.

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