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At Varol we recognise our responsibilities to the safety and health of the environment, our customers, our employees and the local community.  We are committed to comply with all relevant environmental, health and safety legislation at local, regional, and national levels.  It is of the utmost importance at Varol that we continually improve our environmental performance through appropriate initiatives, controls, and the training of employees, contractors and customers.
Our aim is to minimise adverse impacts on the environment and to protect the population without compromising the integrity of our products and service.


Varol is committed to the following principles:

  • Use where ever possible renewable resources in product formulations without compromising safety or guaranteed product performance

  • Prevention of pollution

  • Minimisation of production waste

  • Where possible substitute hazardous material for less hazardous material as required under COSHH regulations

  • Effective and responsible waste management and disposal

  • Promoting reuse and recycling of products

  • Maintaining a high awareness of environmental, health and safety issues in the workforce and community

  • Reviewing safety, health and environmental objectives and targets

In line with the 2010 EU legislation, Varol fully support and can professionally advise our existing and potential customers in adopting the protocol to minimise, recover and reuse products in use on their site and also offer solutions in the recovery and reuse of base material resources.

Often base materials used to formulate metalworking oils, industrial and process lubrication products can be recovered or reused provided that stringent recovery and process environmental guidelines are followed and are within the EA legal framework for transport and treatment of used lubrication materials.  In this capacity Varol are in a unique position to be able to support and deliver our customers expectations with regard to the EU protocol on waste minimisation, recycling and reuse.

  • Reduction/Minimisation

  • Reuse

  • Recovery

  • Treatment

  • Disposal

For more information on how we can help you eliminate or reduce the environmental impact on your business please contact our Environmental Advise Team by sending them either a related question or your contact details so we can get in contact with your business.

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