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Metalworking fluids

We have a proven track record of generating cost savings for manufacturers in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and general metalworking.  For most manufacturers, cutting fluids are a relatively small component of the overall cost of production, but can have a dramatic impact on many other cost considerations.  Our experts analyse the costs affected by the cutting fluid, seeking to provide the lowest total applied cost.  Tool life, part quality, and waste disposal are some of the most common areas where major cost reductions can be obtained by using Varol Lubricants fluids.

Health, safety and environmental solutions

Respect for the environment, together with operator health and safety, are paramount in all that we do.  Our metal cutting lubricants offer solutions to many HSE problems:

  • Bioresistant coolants to minimise biological growth, extend sump life and reduce the use of biocides

  • Chlorine-free lubricants for reduced disposal costs

  • Excellent operator acceptance

  • Recycling suitability

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